We can help your business stand out and reach your target audience by creating high-quality, original, as well as shareable visual content that creates value, is consistent, brandable, and ultimately humanizing for your business.


PRICE:  $450

Before we can get started on making a difference, we need to know what you are already doing, what works and what doesn't work for your company, and what your visual content strategy looks like. We discuss with you your brand strategy, values, and your mission statement so we can truly understand your company and your target market. We look at your website, blog, social media accounts, SEO, and business plans (as applicable) to draft a visual strategy for your online inbound marketing. We also examine your self-identified top two competitors' strategies.

This is a one-time audit for both start-ups and established businesses looking for better ways to market their businesses. If your business has a marketing department, we are happy to work closely with them in this assessment. After a consultation (which can be done remotely via Zoom) to discuss your goals and our audit findings, we will provide deliverables such as:

  • competitor comparison and audit findings

  • a written and visual blueprint of our strategy

  • and key visuals for your creative direction


PRICE:  $250/mo

(3-month minimum commitment required)

Our Monthly Visual Content Creation Package ensures that you have enough images and content to consistently convey your online marketing strategy.


We do this through:

  • meetings (online or in-person) to establish your visual content marketing goals for that month, and

  • 8 expertly-curated and web-ready images reflecting your business or brand


PRICE:  $400/mo

(3-month minimum commitment required)

Our Optimal Visual Media Package is just that - what is optimally suggested for you to be at the height of your online inbound marketing game. Similar to our Basic package, we give you everything you need to create a consistent flow of visual messaging about your brand or business but taken to a higher level of creation with increased opportunity for consumer engagement.


This is provided monthly through:

  • meetings (online) to establish your visual content marketing goals for that month and audit the previous month's efforts to see your return on investment

  • 10 expertly-curated and web-ready images reflecting your business or brand

  • 1 infographic

  • 3 social media posts designed to reflect your brand and optimized for your chosen platforms