Before you can produce and manage your event, you must determine what type of event you want to run and why.  There are 9 types of events you can choose from.
  1. Engagement Event
  2. Educational Event
  3. Product/Service Preview Event
  4. Membership Event
  5. Online Summit or Conference (with multiple speakers)
  6. Sales Event
  7. Live Course / Workshop
  8. Launch Event
  9. Lead Generation Event
There are a lot of moving parts to coordinate when producing your online event.  These parts include ...
  1. Defining the vision and purpose of the event.  You've got to know WHY you're doing it and what you're hoping to accomplish from running the event.
  2. Choosing the appropriate medium.  Is it a phone or teleseminar based event?  Is it a webinar or is it a live streaming event on Facebook Live, YouTube, or Zoom?
  3. Selecting the technology you will use for this online event is of paramount importance. 
  4. Determining your topic or content.  You've got to know what topic you will be honing this event around that resonates with your audience and meets their needs and fuel their passions.
  5. Building a content marketing plan (through social media, through blogging, through Facebook ads, email marketing etc...) around the event so that people will attend!  Content marketing can be considered the TicketMaster to your event because it's so important to get "virtual butts" in seats to make your event a success.
  6. Creating an email sequence that is automated so that a series of emails can either go out to prospective attendees or for those registered to attend, to get excited about the event and perhaps spread the word.
  7. Creating graphics and visually engaging content for the promotion of the event that you are launching.
  8. Determining the measurement of success.  You will need to know if you've achieved what you wanted to by producing this event.  You have to put these metrics in place to know if you've succeeded or not.


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