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PATLive is Live Receptionist Services at its finest, encompassing an award-winning team of over 150 Virtual Receptionists available 24/7.

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Did you know that up to 75% of callers hangup when they get voicemail?  With PATLive, you’ll never miss an important call or message again. Best yet, callers will never know they’ve reached an answering service. Our highly trained U.S. agents greet callers with the same rapport that you’d expect from an in-office receptionist.

  • 100% of agents located in the USA

  • Bilingual service in English & Spanish

  • Customizable agent scripts

  • Customizable call forwarding

  • Real-time message to email

  • Flexible message delivery options


PATLive was founded in 1990 when we started up with just 5 employees and our first 20 customers. In the 28 years since PATLive has grown to a team of over 200 and supports thousands of businesses across the country. With decades of experience working with just about every industry, our agents have the know-how needed to deliver truly superior service on every call.

Our agents are the best in the industry because we care about quality from the very start. We hire less than 2% of our applicants after a rigorous screening process, spend weeks with them in training, and then give them a dedicated coach to monitor and ensure awesome performance. 100% of our calls are recorded, which we use to make sure our agents give great, consistent service around the clock.

It's Easy to Get Started:



When you signup for services we’ll provide you with a phone number in your choice of local city or toll-free prefix. If you already have a number that you want to continue using, that works too. You can either forward the calls to your PATLive number, or you can permanently port the number in to reside on our platform.



Our agents can do as little or as much as you’d like when we answer your calls. When you setup service, a script consultant will talk with you to understand how you’d like for us to handle your calls, and we’ll setup a custom call flow for our agents to follow. Whether you need us to take messages, collect leads, receive orders, register event attendees, or act as your virtual receptionist, our team will put together a script that gives you exactly what you need.



When we begin answering your calls (24 hours after script setup), we’ll follow the call flow you designed and send you the corresponding message, lead, order, etc. within minutes of call completion..

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