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A Virtual Assistant is a business owner, not an employee, who supplies administrative or secretarial support to others remotely or "virtually". 

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Business owners and entrepreneurs who want to increase their productivity and grow their businesses can partner with BusyGal Friday VA Services by delegating their secretarial, website development, social media, video creation, and personal tasks to us.  In these pages, you are going to get so many ideas as to what types of projects you can ask of your VA.  There are over 90 task solutions that a Virtual Assistant can do for you to make your life easier and ultimately make you irresistible to your target client!

The tremendous advances in technology have dramatically changed the way business is conducted today. Administrative work that once had to be done in a traditional office now is effectively and efficiently handled remotely, through e-mail, telephone, fax, overnight mail, and on-line communications rather than face to face in an office. These technological advances eliminate the traditional overhead associated with conventional office support.

We work hand in hand with each client to help them obtain their business success. Partnering with us can be the ideal, cost-effective solution to the overwhelming administrative tasks and projects that accompany the day to day routine of any small business owner, home-based entrepreneur, pastor, or independent professional.


  • We provide our own office space, equipment & supplies

  • There are no costs associated like with hiring a salaried employee

  • There will be no employer-related taxes to be paid

  • There are no employee benefits packages to buy

  • We are available on an “as-needed basis”

  • We are under contract only for the time that is worked on a project.

One of the biggest benefits of working with a virtual assistant is the cost savings.

Reduce Overhead
Because we are independent contractors, not employees, we don't come with the added expenses of employees like payroll taxes, vacation/sick time, insurance and other benefits, nor overtime.
We work from our own locations saving you on rent/office space, office supplies, furniture, equipment (phones, computers, etc).

Pay Only For Exactly What You Need
Utilize us to do administrative tasks, research, data entry, bookkeeping, writing/proofreading, or design.
We are professionals and have many years of experience working directly with businesses thus saving you training costs, downtime for training classes, and living through the learning curve.
Pay only for the work you need, when you need it. You don't pay for tardiness, bathroom breaks, lunch, checking emails, personal calls Facebook, and Tweeting and supervision are NOT required.

No Temp Agency Fees
While using a "temp" is another way to augment your staff, temp agencies usually charge an exorbitant fee, sometimes, each time you utilize their service.
Working with us allows us to partner with you and allows us to gain valuable knowledge of your business which benefits you every time you use us.


Free Yourself... concentrate on doing what you love, like performing the essential business tasks that inspired you to go into business in the first place dedicate more time to satisfying current customers and building stronger client relationships focus on new business strategies and expansion have fun on your weekends, which are usually dedicated to catching up on administrative duties, cutting into time with family and friends.