You won't know how until you know WHY.  This is the core of strategy which in essence defines your purpose.  We must know where you want to end up and what success looks like to you.  This way we begin with the Book Marketing Assessment.  
It is within this assessment that we can figure out the why and what you want to do with your new book.  It is here that your core objections will be nailed down in
order to move in the right direction.  It is here that you will determine exactly what success looks like to you?
You have the option to self-publish in 3 formats:
Digital:  Digital books can be either sold on Kindle or Good Reads and they can be shared as a FREE
PDF on your website to build your list OR sold through popular sites such as Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.
Physical:  Physical books can be published (POD - Print on Demand) via Amazon-owned, Create Space.
There are other turn-key publishing services which are available, but they are more costly.
Audio:  Audio books are a great way to build your list as a FREE download.  SetSet-up an account with ACX.com to distributed your audio book to Amazon, iTunes and
Your Website.  In order to have and maintain a compelling online presence for a great book marketing campaign, you must start with your website.  It is considered to be your book marketing hub.  You must determine whether the website is intended to exclusively promote the book OR if it is simply a part of a larger business website.
Your blog.  Separate from your website, it is the perfect medium for authors to make an authentic connection with their audience and share value-added content.  It is the ideal platform to showcase their content and writing style, and it builds buzz for the launch of the book.  It enables you to build a following who will naturally interest in your book.
Your Social Networks and Groups.  This is important to build a targeted social media presence where your
audience hangs out.  You need to be offering consistent branding and images that promote the launch of
the book and get connected with conversations happening in targeted Facebook groups (or moderate your own).
Your Amazon Author Central Account.  You will be able to add editorial reviews section for your book, integrates your blog content, track your book sales, see and respond to reviews, and chat with your readers. 
Your Good-Reads Account.  It's free to set -up an Author profile which will be be seen by a targeted audience.  Additionally, offer book giveaways on GoodReads … great way to get visibility!  Connect with readers and other authors in your genre and target advertising opportunities there as well
Promotion is the publicization of your book so as to increase sales or public awareness.  We begin your book marketing  promotion journey with leveraging your 3 Circles of Influence - 1) People who know you (friends, fans, subscribers), 2) Influencers that can help ignite visibility. 3) Targeting readers who don’t know yet.
This is our Promotions Launch Model:
Pre Pre-Launch:
This phase starts anywhere from 6-9 months in advance
of the book launch.  This phase focuses on building online community, email lists and key relationships.
This phase starts anywhere from approximately 2-3 months in advance of book launch.  This phase focuses
on building excitement and buzz for the book's release.
The book is officially released!  This phase activates all
7 core marketing channels to drive leads, book sales and other product sales.
Post Launch:
The marketing continues on.  This phase involves tracking results and optimizing current marketing activities.